Walks and trails

diverse range of exciting trail options

Wavecrest offers a variety of walks and trails with magnificent scenery. The different vegetation types, which come together at Wavecrest, have given us the opportunity to create a diverse range of exciting trail options.

Come and wander our network of scenic walking and hiking trails. Whether you want to stroll along the grassy coastal hills full of wildflowers, watch the antics of dolphins and whales, or spend time exploring the deep forests; we have a trail for you.

Walking options cater for all ages and fitness levels, and range from gentle strolls to full day trails.

Coastal walks

You can wander along the grassy coastal hills that always display a profusion of wildflowers. These walks meander up to high points where it is worthwhile spending some time. From these vantage points you have a good chance of being entertained by dolphins, whales and gannets.

The trails south from the hotel eventually lead to the Kobonqaba River, a quiet, secluded river mouth and beach that is perfect for picnicking. Crossing the river, heading further south, you will encounter the wreck of the Jacaranda, which ran aground in 1971.

Coastal walks north-east of the hotel lead to a pristine beach and some lovely natural tidal pools and fishing spots. Large Milkwood trees grow right onto the beach, which makes relaxing in the shade with a good book and picnic only a pleasure. You can also climb the high dunes and enjoy the view for miles and miles around.

Forest walks

There are several forest walks to explore. You can discover the Nxaxo dune forest and visit its majestic trees, or spend time searching for Blue Duiker and Crowned Eagles. This is a large tract of forest. It skirts the river and offer various routes to explore and choose from.
The forest patches south of the hotel are always abuzz with its plentiful birdlife.

Shipwreck walks

If you appreciate the mystery and history of shipwrecks you will not be disappointed. Wavecrest is in close proximity of the following wrecks that you can investigate:

Our trails are self-guided. However, if you want to learn more about the area; knowledgeable local guides are available to enhance your experience.