diverse angling destinations

Wavecrest is one of the most diverse angling destinations in South Africa. It offers pretty much all aspects of shore angling. From shallow bays that are filled with Bronze Bream to river mouths and estuaries; Wavecrest is the ideal fishing destination. With deep-water points and open beaches to deeper gullies for Musselcracker and a wide range of other rock-dwelling fish; it offers excellent fishing all year round.

Two rivers, the Nxaxo and Ngqusi, converge here. They are extremely productive and perfect for light tackle enthusiasts, especially fly-fishing, lure and dropshot lovers. Species vary from plentiful Kob and Grunter to Garrick, along with a whole range of smaller estuarine species, especially during the warm summer months. The river system has various holes, which hold very good fish, such as Kob.

A stunning stretch of the beach north of the hotel makes for excellent Pignose Grunter and Kob angling. The block in the river mouth produces great catches of Garrick, Shad, Pignose Grunter, Kob and Raggies. Artificial lures off the block will produce great catches of Garrick and Kob.

Further south, Coal Reef, Kob Hole and Scallop Point are great deep water spots which can produce Musselcracker, great Kob, Bronze Bream and a whole host of other rock-dwelling species.

Wavecrest shop

Our shop sells bait, including sardine and pink prawn, as well as a variety of hooks, sinkers and basic fishing tackle. We also stock lures that work well for this area. We provide two bait storage freezers for our guests, which are accessible 24-hours.

Our Sustainable Fishing Policy

Please be aware of our Sustainable Fishing Policy. We encourage catch and release and urge anglers to only remove what you can eat for that day. The direct result of this fishing policy is that guests are rewarded with great catches.

Our chef will prepare your catch in a delectable dish for your table.

Please note that if your other half is not an avid angler, our spa has a whole range of treatments. Wavecrest is the perfect place to take your wife on a fishing trip!